Perfect Papillons

Petite Pooches Posting Periodically

About Us

Our names are Celeste and Liberty (Ce-Ce and Libby for short)! We live with our humans, our big dog sister Koda, and our little cat sister Tippy. We’ve both had puppies, but they have all grown up and moved away now.  We like bones, cheese, butter, cat food, and Ce-Ce even likes apples…Libby is smaller than Ce-Ce, and is black and white. Ce-Ce is bigger than Libby, and is tri-colored. 🙂 we are not completely potty trained, especially after we go to that awful place called a kennel, where we stay in a cage, and don’t know where our humans are for a few days. Then they come back and get us, and we poop on the floor a few times in the middle of the night, just to tell them not to leave us there anymore!!! 🙂


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