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Our Anniversary, and Halloween!!! :D

on November 1, 2012

Hello! 🙂

Well, you probably don’t know, but the 28th of October was our 1 year Anniversary of being with our humans!!!!!!!! It was a very fun day, especially because the humans brought us a bunch of treats! Including, a 3 pack of fuzzy mice, that we love to play with, (especially Ce-Ce!) 1 donut-shaped rawhide bone, (Koda ate most of this one. 😦 ) 1 EXTREMELY YUMMY pig ear which we all shared, and a big bag of Guilt-free heart-shaped dog treats. 🙂 ♥

Well, overall, it was a very fun day! Even though we might’ve felt a little sick afterwards from all the treats. 😛 And we are very glad that we are with our humans! Because they are very nice, and they spoil us. 😉 But let us get down to the subject of … Halloween! 😀

Well, I was not very aware that it was Halloween, however, Ce-Ce had ‘Halloween’ written down in her planner for over a month. And she was getting very upset that I was forgetting about it. But after all, there are more important things to do, like sleeping, licking, and sleeping, and catching up on Twitter, and sleeping, and going potty, and sleeping, and eating, and sleeping. ;P But anyway, Ce-Ce reminded me, and then we had a bigger worry… ‘What were we going to be for Halloween???’ Ce-Ce was freaking out, but luckily, the humans had it all planned out. I was to be Red Riding Hood, and Ce-Ce was to be a princess. 🙂 We were both very happy with our costumes, but they were not that comfortable, unfortunately. :/ We were all excited to go trick-or-treating, and get lots of treats, such as bones or heart-shaped treats, but it turned out, we were to stay home and give out treats! Except they weren’t the treats I had imagined! They were….wrapped in plastic! And they smelled funny until they were unwrapped, and then they were chocolate! Doggie poison alert! If we ate them, we might get sick, they told us. 😦 But it was fun giving out the “treats” and getting to sniff all the people. They all looked very odd, and some of them were quite scary, and we had to hide behind the bird cage. 😛

But it was very fun, and I am glad it’s over, because I don’t particularly like wearing costumes. 😛 And now Ce-Ce is bugging me about Thanksgiving plans… Oh dear! ;P

—Libby 🙂 xo

Me with one of the toy mice! 🙂 They are entertaining!

Ce-Ce posing adorably with two mice. 🙂

Presenting……… Little Red Libby!!! hehe ;P

Another view of my costume! 😀

Ce-Ce photo-crashing the picture. 😉

Ce-Ce’s lovely princess costume. She doesn’t look very happy! ;P

A close-up of Ce-Ce wearing her costume. So adorable! 🙂

Me and Ce-Ce sharing a bone! 😀


4 responses to “Our Anniversary, and Halloween!!! :D

  1. Happy anniversary! Great costumes 🙂

  2. Your costumes were absolutely beautiful. Of course, I agree with you, that you should have been allowed to go and parade them around to everyone. Happy belated Anniversary.

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