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‘A thief in the night.’ A mystery novel by Celestial Seasons.

on September 26, 2012

I hope you like it!! 🙂 I’m considering writing short stories when I can’t think of anything to blog about. But don’t worry, we will still do just as many posts as before about real life.

Chapter One:

‘Lightning crashed above the treetops, as Ce-Ce walked along the alleyway hurriedly, to get out of the storm. Rain dripped down her face, mixed with the tears, making her vision blurry. A shot rang out in the dark, as she ran along, faster than before, trying not to be seen. No one knew that she wasn’t the one that stole the golden bone from the palace. Not watching where she was going, she tripped over a sodden newspaper, and her own face loomed up at her, with the headline: ‘UNEXPECTED PAPILLON STEALS THE GOLDEN BONE OFF THE QUEEN’S COLLAR. IF FOUND £5,000 + KNIGHTHOOD.’

Her tears were falling fast and thick, as she regretted ever showing up at the crime scene. For now, everyone thought she was the thief, but only she knew the full story. And anyone that really knew Ce-Ce, would know that she wouldn’t have stolen half a dog biscuit off the street. She knew that she was not safe at home, for even her own butler could turn her in. After all, £5,000 was £5,000, and a Knighthood is every dog’s dream. But where to go? Then Ce-Ce thought of it. The Palace. No one would expect her there. They would all be out looking for her in secretive places, when she was right underneath their noses.

Chapter Two:

Soon Ce-Ce was at the looming gates of the palace. Two big dogs stood guard, their collars thick and spiky. Then she remembered that she used to know the queen very well when she was little. (She was very good friends with the princess) Therefore she knew  a secret way into the palace! She trotted to the back of the palace, and snuck in through a cat flap that had been there forever but had never been used. Thankfully, Ce-Ce was a very small dog, and if she was any bigger, she probably could not have fit through it. As soon as she got inside the palace, she froze, suddenly realizing this was not a very good idea at all. For standing across from her, looking very scary indeed, was the real thief, accompanied by the queen and the princess. For no one knew that the real thief, was the unexpected King. Ce-Ce had seen him steal the golden bone the previous day. But he knew that Ce-Ce had seen him steal it, so he had set her up, as the thief. The King had an evil glint in his eye, and was sneering threateningly. “Get her!” he commanded.

Chapter Three:

Just then, the cat flap flew open, and the wind and rain splattered Ce-Ce’s brand new rain-sweater. A dog stepped in, crashing the wall down, and letting even more rain in. For he was too big to fit in the cat flap, and yet wanted to make a dramatic entrance. He was the spitting image of the king, right down to his missing toenail on his left-most back paw. He said, in a very dramatic voice: “Wait!” ….wait…..wait….. his booming bark echoed off the chamber walls, and shocked the room to silence. “Celeste is not the real thief!” he said, and then he took out a knife and he said, “You are arrested in the name of King Fido III!” For in fact, he was the real king, and the other dog that everyone thought was the king, was the thief, setting up Ce-Ce, for they were old enemies from birth.

The thief was sent to jail. Finally everyone was happy and the golden bone was returned. Plus, Ce-Ce received  a Knighthood, and a £5,000 reward.

And they all lived happily every after.

The end.’

Well, there it is. 🙂 My first story. I may write more, and so may Libby. but never fear! We are not giving up blogging about real life, we are just doing this in addition to our other posts.

—Ce-Ce I xxxx 🙂

All this writing has been making me tired… Here I am sleeping with my stuffed cat friend, Rudi!! 🙂 Zzzz……


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  1. Imani says:

    Awww… Cute story, I bet my grammar teacher would like it! 😛 })i({

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