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Stranger humans in the house!

on September 14, 2012

Hello! 🙂 It has been a very busy couple of weeks lately, so we haven’t gotten to posting or tweeting much…:P One of the reasons we have not been keeping in touch, is because our humans decided to go away for a week. And so we had stranger humans in the house…. ( :O ) here’s the story:

Well, we were just minding our own business last Labor Day, taking lots of naps, when our sissy humans got a big pile of clothes out and put it on the ground! It looked very comfortable to sleep on, and I was just considering getting up to nap there instead of on the couch, when they started rolling the clothes into weird positions, and putting them into a big bag that me and Libby could have both easily fit in. (see our earlier blog post: ‘Our attempt at stowing away. 😛‘ ) And this bag was called a ‘suit-case.’ And of course, that could only mean one thing…..THE KENNEL!!!!!!!!!!!!#@$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!11&!!!!!!!!!!@!!!!!!! D:

We waited for them to take us away…And yet, a whole day passed, and we still had not been taken away! For now it was Tuesday, and our humans were still there. And yet, they were definitely planning on going somewhere, for they had even more suit-cases scattered around than the day previous. And I was in fact right, for about half-way through the day, they started putting the bags in the car, and soon enough, they were driving away without us…WITHOUT US!!!???!!!??? Could this in fact be true?! No Kennel??? But after about an hour, the excitement began to wear off, as I started to wonder how we were to be fed. And I was just about to go potty on the floor, when the door opened, and our humans came back!!!!!!! ( 🙂 ) But wait a minute! This wasn’t one of our humans….indeed it was a human…But it was definitely not one of our humans. We did not trust her, and we would NOT stop whining for our humans. But she did not seem like a burglar, for she was feeding us and taking us outside…..It was all very suspicious….She seemed to be there forever! 😛 And yet on Friday, (she came on Tuesday) She left!!! Just like that! We were just beginning to trust her, and then she stranded us! All alone without any humans. And yet about half an hour after she stranded us, another human came in. And we felt FOR SURE it was one of our humans this time! But alas, it was not. It was yet another strange burglar who fed us and took us outside, and stayed in our humans’ house. And we were just beginning to get used to him, when he left on Sunday! And behold, we were in our crate, after he had been gone for about an hour, when another human came in…and more humans! And we were like, “How many strange nice burglars can there be?!” :O and they let us out of our crate, and then we realized it was our humans!!!!!!!! 😀 They were back from vacation! 🙂

It turned out the two weird burglars (they were brother and sister) were just dog-sitting us while our humans were away! Like we needed sitting! Sheesh! Don’t our humans trust us?! 😉

—Ce-Ce 🙂 xx

ps: we were NOT in our crate the whole time. 😛 Just to clear up the rumors.. ;D

We didn’t get any pictures of our adventures with the burglars, (the nickname has stuck) because our humans TOOK OUR CAMERA! And apparently the burglars did not get our ESP brain waves that we wanted some pictures. But oh well, here’s a nice bit of photo-shop that we’ve done…Happy Fall! ;D


6 responses to “Stranger humans in the house!

  1. Such nice burglars you have over there – feeding you, loving you and everything. Maybe they could teach our burglars a thing or two about good manners 🙂

  2. Imani says:

    You dogs are sooooooo silly! 😛

  3. Emmadog says:

    Oh, that would be rather weird! We go to other humans houses when mom is gone but they don’t come to ours.

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