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Harley the Hyper ;P

on August 15, 2012

Well, a couple of months ago, our humans decided that they wanted to run a dog-sitting business in our house!!! As if three dogs weren’t enough already! 😛 I am actually not very happy about this. I get very jealous (and not to mention scared) of other dogs. Especially when they are staying in our house for a few days.

Well, about a week ago, we got our first dog costumer. We were not even informed ahead of time. We were just minding our own business in the kitchen, (stealthily trying to climb on the counter to steal some Nutella. And I was just reaching up to grab the chocolate-y hazel-nutty yumminess, when our sister humans swooped down like eagles and brought us into their room, while there was a loud commotion going on outside, including a lot of barking! And then, we heard the barking, and then of course we started barking, and then the stranger dog started barking more, and we all started barking and barking and barking, and finally our sissy humans let us out of their room. And to our great surprise, there stood a very. large. dog. (well, actually he was only a little bit bigger than Koda, but he seemed bigger)
And then the dog’s human left. Leaving a complete stranger in our house!!!!!! I immediately went potty on the floor, showing him that this was our property. But he did not really pay attention to that. He was very into exploring the house. He did not even care that there were three other dogs there. Koda informed us that he was staying until Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (this was Thursday) I could not believe that he was going to stay for a fourtnight! Four whole nights without my very needed peace and quiet. D:
Now, everyone always says that Liberty is the gentle one. But when it comes to other dogs, and protecting her bones, she can be very protective. She has even growled at me sometimes. But she has never actually hurt anyone! So that is good. 🙂 But for a five and a half pound ball of fluff, she can really act like a big dog! Of course our humans did not like her growling and told her ‘no’ whenever she did. But that’s good cause I was worried she would growl at me by accident, and I’m very sensitive.
Oh! I forgot to mention that this dog’s name is Harley. He is a Springer Spaniel, and he is very hyper and looooved to play with his ball. Except for it wasn’t really his ball. But he kind of took it over. But overall, he was a very nice dog, and he would not intentionally harm a fly. 🙂

—Ce-Ce 😀

A rare picture of Harley asleep on his blankie! 🙂 He looks very comfy! 😉

Here’s Harley in the yard with his ball, which you can’t see too well, because he played with it so much it got all muddy and blended in with the grass. 😛


One response to “Harley the Hyper ;P

  1. Well done on coming to terms with a hyper-stranger in your house. Harley does look cute

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