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A walk at the lake. :)

on July 20, 2012

Hi guys!! 🙂

Well, our sister humans haven’t taken us for a walk in a long time, so it was a very pleasant surprise, when today they said, “Do you wanna go for a walk??” “Let’s go for a walk!” And we got extremely excited (we LOVE walks) and bounced all around. So our sissy humans took us outside, and we walked and walked and walked, until our sissy humans brought us down this big hill, and suddenly, there was water everywhere in front of us, it was very scary, we did not know how deep it was, but it looked very deep indeed. And there were these big fuzzy weird things in the water, making a strange sound, something like this: KWAKKKKK……KWAKKKKK……KWAKKK……And we were very agitated, cause they would not shut up. Later we consulted about this with Koda, and she said that the creatures were ‘ducks’, and that they were barking, but their barks sounded different. It was all very confusing, cause their barks did not sound like barks at all. We also saw some big white ducks, that Koda said were ‘swans’. First ducks, now swans, how confusing can it get??? And to make it even more confusing, the swans didn’t even bark!!! Koda said it was probably because they had  lost their voice…being in the water and all.

But anyways, we were at the lake, and we walked and walked along  these wooden boards, and it was very scary, cause the water was right underneath us. And it was on every side of us except for behind us. Later Koda said that these boards were called ‘docks.’ That’s funny, I thought docks were the animals that had weird barks! How can a thing you walk on be the same thing as an animal? Nature is sooooooooooo confusing. How do people live in it? I feel sorry for the docks. Or should I say ducks? I’m not sure which is the proper spelling. 😛 But after being at the lake for a while, and listening to the docks KWAKKKKK, the sissy humans decided to take us home. Yay! Being exposed to all this nature makes me very tired. Time for a nap! See ya! 🙂

—Ce-Ce xx 🙂

Here is what one of the non-barking swans looked like. Don’t they look so….weird?? 😛 I prefer fur to feathers any day. ;^P

Libby heard a rumor that said the green ones are called ‘docks’ and the brown ones are called ‘ducks.’ But of course rumors aren’t always true. It could be vice-versa. 😛


5 responses to “A walk at the lake. :)

  1. Emmadog says:

    That’s sad you don’t get to walk much but happy you had a nice walk.. We walk everyday, any weather at least 2 times and at least 1-2 hrs. Sometimes we wish we did not walk but we are lucky we get to walk all over the place. It keeps us healthy and it is interesting since we don’t go the same way everyday.

    • Well, our mommy and daddy walk us fairly frequently, but our sister humans don’t walk us very much, so it is always exciting when they walk us! 🙂
      It is good that you walk a lot! We don’t take very long walks… More like 15 min – a half an hour, but it is still very exercising! 🙂 —C&L xx 🙂

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