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The boring kennel. :P

on July 5, 2012


We are in the kennel right now. It is very boring. You may be wondering how we are writing this, since we are in the kennel. But never fear. It was Koda’s idea, really. It is a very excellent idea. You see, Koda speaks a very small amount of Human Talk, so she must have overheard one of the humans talking about the kennel, and she also must have overheard us talking about not knowing what to do for our next blog post, so at the very last minute, before we left, she said “Now why don’t you guys hide the little computer in Libby’s collar compartment just to be safe, because I have a suspicious feeling that the humans are going to take us to the kennel today.” (In case you have forgotten who Koda is, she is our big dog sister, and she is very smart.) Needless to say, I ended up putting the computer in my collar compartment, and it turned out to be very useful, because we get to give you insider information about what it is like in the kennel. Plus we can do tweets on Twitter regularly. Who knows what would have happened if we had not brought it?? We don’t even know how long we are going to be in the kennel. The humans spared us of that information. Silly humans. 😉

At least it is cool in the kennel. Outside it was so hot that our fur felt very very peculiar, like our black parts were all made of sun. This is the bad thing about summer. The humans say it is 100 today. 100 what?! 100 bones? 100 dog hairs? 100 crates? We do not know. ;P

Good-bye from the kennel!!!!! Stranger dogs bark their good-byes as well. 😛

—Libby xoxo 🙂

This is Koda!!! 🙂

An adorable pic of me and Ce-Ce sleeping in our blue cat bed. 🙂 (but of course you can’t see the blue-ness of it because this is a B&W picture! ;P)


4 responses to “The boring kennel. :P

  1. Paws To Talk says:

    You are very clever canines!

  2. marabellav says:

    Great idea, very smart! 🙂 What cute pictures too!! I have a papillon a home and there such smart and beautiful dogs!

  3. Thank you!! 🙂 Yes, we Papillons are a very smart breed! 🙂

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