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Mothers’ day weekend, and other affairs.

on May 16, 2012

Well, we had to go to the kennel last weekend. 😦 For Mothers’ day. How ironic! We are mothers, and we had to go to the kennel! I do not think that is fair, at all…but apparently the humans are in charge and not us. 😦 But anyway, I will move on.

We went to the kennel, and it wasn’t all that bad! And then one day, our humans came back and brought us home, and we were very happy and excited! And then Koda (our dog sister) asked us Where are the sister humans? It was a very good question. They were not there. I could not believe I didn’t think of it first. 😦 We decided to set up a search party. We looked everywhere: The fridge, the microwave, under the couch, the doghouse, our crate, their beds…so on and so forth. But they—well, they were not anywhere. At all. We were a bit disappointed. And we got very very anxious and barky. And after like, two days of this, we got pretty much used to it. We chewed bones and sat on laps and slept. And then today, we were just minding our own business and…chewing bones like normal, and we were suddenly whisked away by our humans, and put in front of this ginormous computer. And then we saw them!!! But we didn’t know it was them. Until we thought about it a while. But we figured it out in the end. It was our human sisters, trapped inside the computer(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) No wonder we could not find them!!!!! 😦 We had not thought to look there..but why would we? I mean really?! Our sister humans sounded a bit odd, too. Very crackly and they kept getting all pixel-y and weird. :/ And we were very confused of how could they fit inside the screen? I mean, we couldn’t even fit in there! They must have gone on a serious diet…

But anyway, we had a nice chat with them in Dog [language]. And when we were done talking, our Daddy took us to a very nice store, where the cashiers give you milk bones and treats. And you get to meet other dogs sometimes. 🙂 And while we were in the car, Koda told us, Well, she told us, that our sisters had not in fact, been trapped inside the computer, they had just been on a thing, called: Skype. We had not heard of it before! Koda told us that it was some weird way of talking to someone through a computer. Apparently, Our sister humans were just visiting relatives…Well, how come we couldn’t come? I mean, we are potty trained!!! ….most of the time. And apparently, says Koda, our cat sister was informed as well. And she had told Koda who told us that our sisters were coming home tomorrow. Yay! 😀 We miss them. They are still not home yet, but they will be soon!!! 🙂


This is how we look on Skype! Awesome, isn’t it? Technology these days………;)

😀 So cute!!


2 responses to “Mothers’ day weekend, and other affairs.

  1. imani says:

    SOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😛

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