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Koda’s birthday!

on May 2, 2012

Well, April 30th was our dog sister Koda’s birthday! 🙂 She is now officially seven years old. (!!!) There wasn’t really much of a party, but she did have a cake which consisted of one bread crust, spread with cream-cheese, then sprinkled with shredded cheese (grated), and then, covered with scrambled egg! 🙂 I’m sure it will be very yummy, but we have not had it yet because the day of her birthday, it was too late for us to eat a bunch of cake before bed, and the day after that, Koda got into the garbage while our humans were shopping, and got put in time-out. (we were in the crate at the time…needless to say, we probably would have joined in on the feast) and the humans STILL  have not given us the cake yet! (but on Koda’s birthday, they did give us a nice chewy bone each, which was very scrumptious)   The cake is sitting there on the top of the fridge tempting us. We have not tried climbing up there. Our cat sister probably could, though…maybe if we paid her a few grand, she’d do it… Anyway, what’s really grand, are these pictures I’m about to share with you. So enjoy! 🙂 and these pictures are not copyrighted, by the way, so feel free to save them to your computer if you like. 😉

Bye for now! And sorry for the delay, we have been kind of busy. 😛

—Libby 🙂

ps: Happy belated May Day!!! ;D




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