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The events of today…:)

on April 27, 2012

Well, we got up just like normal today, and after we ate, we were playing a little bit, and then we were about to go down and sleep more on the couch, when the humans took us and put us in the car!!! They drove and they drove, and then they stopped the car. Aand they got out. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand we didn’t!!!!! Apparently, if a dog or two do not get out of the car in approximately 24.7 seconds after the humans have parked, a dog or two, are not getting out of the car at all. And the humans did not carry us out either…How unhelpful of them…apparently, the appointment was not for us! Oh well, who likes appointments anyway????????? We’ve had enough appointments to strangle a platypus with one hand while doing a back bend balancing on the pointy part of the Empire State Building(!!!!!!!!!)….but that is a little bit grim, I won’t go into details….:P

Well anyway, after hours of repetitive endless boredom, our humans came back!!! (We still had not forgiven them for helping us get out of the car on time, so we were being a bit sulky…) And then they drove some more, and parked the car at the library, and they took us out of the car, and put our leashes and harnesses on. They were bringing us to the library(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), and then suddenly the good feeling was gone, and we were plunked onto the grass, just outside the library, and they started walking us…And it turned out they weren’t however, taking us to the library at all, they were just walking us to make sure we didn’t go potty in the car!!!! Like we’d ever do that!!!!!!!! Sheesh!! When will they learn!!!!

***rolls eyes***…….Anyway, they went into the library for a little bit, and we were feeling especially sulky, because they had yet again failed to bring us out into the public. 😦 But we decided that if they did it one more time on this trip, we would plot our revenge and literally say: “Now this means war!!!!” (-Bugs Bunny) And then they came back. And we weren’t feeling quite that annoyed at them anymore…(well, still was, but Liberty was not one bit annoyed at them anymore…because if anyone knows Liberty, they should all know: That: Liberty: DOES NOT HOLD A GRUDGE!!! So there.) And then they were driving again…and then they stopped…and they got out of the car…and yet AGAIN they had left us alone in the car while they got to eat at a restaurant!!!#@$!!!!!$&!!!@%##%&!!!!!!!

…….And then we saw it……One plastic baggy….containing three homemade shortbread cookies………….It was perfect!!!! If they were gonna eat, we would too!!! So we ripped open the baggy with our razor sharp teeth, and started eating that shortbread…:D We ate all of them except for one, (me and Libby were arguing so much about who would get the last one, that we just decided to leave it there in the ripped baggy to show the humans what we had eaten. ;^P) Two Papillons eating shortbread = very annoyed humans…;^D And when they finally started driving again, they stopped at one more place, (without bringing us in…we didn’t mind so much this time, because we were so full from all the shortbread…(the humans were extremely annoyed at us, but they forgave us easily…*phew*))

And then we were on the road again…we drove for a long time, and then they stopped the car!!! 🙂 AND THEY BROUGHT US OUT~!!!!!!!! 😀 And they put us on the grass! And while I was busy wondering why we were not wearing any leash or harness, Liberty, tasted the grass and said: “This tastes like OUR grass!!!!” And it was!!! 😀 we were in our own backyard…we had gotten home at last. =^D we ran inside and slept.

Hallelujah!!! ;D


Of course, this has nothing to do with the subject, but we ARE princesses. ;D do you like our crowns?? {=D


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