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Petite Pooches Posting Periodically

Just a quick post before bedtime!! (lots of photos included!) :)

on April 17, 2012

Well we were not really doing very much at the moment besides sleeping on our humans laps, (all this dreary weather and long days are getting to us…) and we are stumped about what to post about! (because we have been sleeping through all of the fun. ;)) So we thought about it for a bit, and decided to just post some pictures for all you picture lovers out there. 🙂 Sorry that this post is not very exciting, but we hope you enjoy the pictures anyway. Maybe tomorrow we will wake up a little more…:)

Well, we better go…we need to catch up on a few naps before bedtime. 😉

Love from,

Ce-Ce and Libby. 🙂 Zzzzzz….:P

A nice photo of us together!! 😀

This is me, Liberty, enjoying the sun on my face. 🙂

Ce-Ce with a bow on her head!!! 🙂

All ready for night night! 🙂


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