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Our attempt at stowing away. :P

on April 10, 2012

Remember when we told you in tweet form: “We’re home!! We’re home!!! 😀 We had to go in the kennel after all, but it wasn’t that bad…surprisingly!! 😉 We may blog about it later.”, well right now is later, so here’s the story:

We were all set and ready to go, we had picked out our suitcase to stow away in, we had gotten inside it, I packed some snacks for the trip, (mini milkbones, healthy carrot sticks, all the canned cat food we could jam in the side pockets of the suitcase, a jar of nutella, (my favorite) and some cheerios. :^P) We also brought some road trip games…hence: Doggie Uno, (which we ordered off of Ebay while our humans were away…) a pack of dog-breed playing cards, (also Ebay…For your information: the Papillon is the queen of diamonds. :)) A packet of non-pointy-ended pick-up sticks, (which is very convenient for stowing away in a suitcase that is very crowded and when two Papillons are getting very cranky, it is best not to have pointy pick-up sticks) This we found for sale in the blue light special aisle at K-mart, (also while our humans were away…) And last but not least, a box of bouncy balls and some Jax, (a very handy purchase from Amazon Prime).

Well we had been inside the suitcase for about a half an hour now, and it was starting to get very stuffy, and I was extremely cross at Liberty, because SHE HAD EATEN ALL OF THE NUTELLA WITHOUT EVEN SHARING MUCH OF IT, BEFORE WE EVEN GOT INTO THE CAR!!!!!&@!^!!!!!!$$%!!!#@!! And forgetting that I was supposed to keep all this a secret from our humans until we got there, (or at least half way) I was just going to stomp out of the suitcase, determined to tell Liberty off for eating all of the Nutella and accidentally licking most of the balls sooo much that they got all slimy and we couldn’t even play Jax with them anymore…Well I was just about to go out of the suitcase,  to tell Liberty off, when one of our humans unzipped the suitcase, (where they must have heard us arguing) and carried us to the car, AND STARTED DRIVING US TO THE KENNEL!!!!!!

Well our Plan was ruined. We were driving to the kennel. We were at the kennel. We were inside the kennel. we were getting kissed goodbye (or should I say: Au Revoir?) at the kennel… We were in the cage at the kennel… Were in the cage at the kennel… In the cage at the kennel… The cage at the kennel… Cage at the kennel… At the kennel… The kennel…Kennel…!!! 😥 And thus our boring Easter holidays began…:( pretty much all we did was eat and sleep and go potty and drink (and in Libby’s case: LICK!!!!) And then, the day our humans were supposed to pick us up, they called and asked the owner if they could give us an Easter spa treatment…And guess what that meant? It meant a warm bath and some nice grooming…So that was good, it made us more relaxed…And then, while we were drying off in our separate drying cage, OUR HUMANS CAME!! 😀 and we were sooooo happy to be back with our humans and to go home at last! (It was actually only 3 days, but it felt a lot longer) and when we got home, we ran and ran, and ate and ate and crashed on the couch, we were so so happy. 😀

—Ce-Ce =^)

Me posing for a picture in the suitcase!

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