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Babbity Bunster and Mr. Squeaky Pants! :)

on March 30, 2012

Well, you must remember, that in our previous blog post: “No more wookies! ;^),”  we mentioned going to the pet store and buying  “wonderful fuzzy stuffed animals”. Well, I’m going to elaborate on that today. 🙂

Liberty’s stuffed animal is a smallish-in-size fuzzy light blue rabbit. She named her rabbit Babbity Bunster. 🙂 Isn’t that just the best bunny name ever??? 🙂

Mine, on the other hand, is a smallish-in-size fuzzy light pink puppy!! I named him Mr. Squeaky Pants. 🙂 And that is definitely a good name for him, because he squeaks when you squeeze him hard enough, and so does Babbity Bunster. 🙂 Now you may feel a little confused that I would name my pink dog a Mr. but you mustn’t be prejudiced, I think pink is a very nice boy dog color. 🙂

We are having a lot of fun with our stuffed animals: sleeping with them, playing with them, licking them, and cuddling with  them…They are lots of fun to be around! We have some other toys too, but they are not as popular at the moment, cause they are not as new. 🙂 But I don’t know, maybe Libby or I will do a blog post about them later!

—Celery 😉 (Don’t worry! its me Celeste! Celery is just my new nickname 😛 )

Mr. Squeaky Pants looks a bit orange in this picture, but as I told you before, he IS pink....Cameras always are a bit unreliable, it seems. :/


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