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No more wookies! ;^)

on March 27, 2012

Well lately, my paws have been getting very shaggy, and Liberty’s were almost as bad. The big humans were calling us “Little Wookies,” whatever that means…:/So yesterday, Mommy found a web page on how to groom your papillon! We tried to post a link on our blog for all you papillons out there to show your humans, But we couldn’t get it to work. 😦 You know computers, *rolls eyes*… So I’ll just put the link on this post: here.

Anyway, back to the wookies! After Mommy saw that web page, she decided to go to the pet store (She brought us along to the pet store, which was probably a mistake cause Liberty had an accident on the floor…But that’s another story!) to get some recommended scissors and grooming supplies. (she also got some poop bags and a poop bag holder, plus some wonderful fuzzy stuffed animals for me and Libby, but that has nothing to do with grooming, so back to the story…)

As soon as we got home, Our Mommy picked up Liberty, and started clipping her toenails and paw fur!!! Uh-oh, I knew I was in trouble! Because I knew I was gonna be next…:-( And I was right! As soon as she was done with Liberty, (whose feet looked considerably less wookie-like) she picked me up, and started poking and prodding and pulling and plucking and trimming and brushing and clipping my feet! I thought I’d never get done! At first I tried whining, to see if she’d feel sorry for me and stop…But she just gave me some butter and told me ‘Good girl’ and kept trimming…And finally I was done!!!! and my feet looked soo much nicer. Hurray, no more wookies!! 😀

—Ce-Ce :^)


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