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“Dogwarts school of dog-training and entertainment”

on March 7, 2012

A number of years ago, when we were six months old precisely, we got a letter inviting us to go to “Dogwarts School of Dog-Training and Entertainment.” It was very formal, complete with The Dogwarts Crest. 🙂  and when Libby and I got there, (just a couple days after we got the letter) we had to be sorted of course, into one of the four houses shown below:

“Pugindor” for the brave dogs and loyal dogs.

“Yorkiepaw” for the smart dogs and show dogs.

“Pommerpuff” for the gentle dogs and lap dogs.

“Labradynk” for the playful dogs and work dogs.

My name was first on the list, so when they called: “Celestial Seasons” (my full name) I walked forward, and jumped through the hoop, (which is how they sorted us) and the hoop called out:

“POMMERPUFF!!” So I was sorted, and I walked over to the blanket where all the older “pommerpuffs” were. I waited anxiously for Libby’s name to be called…

After a bunch of other dogs got sorted, including our big sissy Koda, (she got sorted into “Pugindor”) finally Libby’s name got called! “Lady Liberty!” She jumped through the hoop and… it shouted out:

“YORKIEPAW!!” I was very glad she got sorted there, cause her dad was an excellent show dog too. 🙂 and It’s not like I wouldn’t get to see her because we’re in different houses, because ALL the houses eat and sleep on one big blankety mass, which is extremely comfortable. 🙂

We have since graduated from “Dogwarts” when we were precisely six and six months old, but it was a very fun experience, and we learned lots, and made a whole bunch of friends. 🙂

Which house were you sorted into? Comment and let us know. 🙂



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