Perfect Papillons

Petite Pooches Posting Periodically

A house is not a home without a papillon (or two).

on March 2, 2012

Well it all started when Ce-Ce and I came along on a trip to the Hallmark store! Mommy and the two young humans went inside and left us in the car for a little bit. Then when they came back out, they were carrying a curiously shaped parcel. When they went into the flower shop next door, we sneaked a look at the mysterious package. (don’t tell anyone!!!) Well we opened the package, and we were pleasantly surprised! (and very flattered).

Okay, here’s what was inside the package!

It was a plaque! and on that little brown plaque, were the words: ‘A house is not a home without a papillon’. with lots of red hearts, and a little papillon dog, who has a striking resemblance to me! 🙂

And when we got home from the ride, the humans opened the package, (having no idea that we had opened it earlier) and hung it up on the wall! And they put me next to the papillon on the  plaque, to see how similar we looked!! I have the picture to prove it. 🙂



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