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I was very veryyy naughty yesterday.

on February 23, 2012

Yesterday I did a naughty thing. a verrrrryyyy naughty thing. Well, if you reallllyyyy want to know what I did, I’ll tell you.

Here it is:

Well, Yesterday I was verrryyy naughty, cause I was standing up and sniffing around on top of the verrrryyy big table. I ate half of a sandwich that somebody left there. But how could I help it? The sandwich was soooo tempting, and the chairs were left out a bit, at the perfect angle where I could jump up on the chair and then onto the table and walk around up there! It is really too bad that nobody got a picture! but they were too busy swooping me down and scolding me, so they didn’t even think of getting a picture of me on the table!

So I’ll just post a glam shot of me for your entertainment! 🙂 enjoy! 😀




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