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A quick post and prayer request!

Well hello, it’s Libby!🙂

I wanted to write a quick post telling you how I’m doing, as you may have seen in my previous post, I haven’t been the perkiest Papillon in the litter. Well, those problems are being dealt with fairly well, but my humans just figured out that I have an abscess tooth that’s causing me ouches, and that I am going to need surgery, to remove it. And I am not in the best condition for surgery, so I would appreciate it very much if you would send lots of prayers for me, as my surgery is tomorrow. My humans are worried for me, but I am a very feisty Papillon, and it will probably go fine.🙂

Ce-Ce sends kisses, and a brief apology about our lack of posts.😉 Hopefully the surgery will go well, and the tooth won’t bother me anymore!


Libby🙂 xoxo


Me a little while back with this scrumptious bone. ;)

Me a little while back with this scrumptious bone.😉

Soak in my ADORABLENESS. ;)


Bathing in the sunlight. One of my favorite things :)

Bathing in the sunlight. One of my favorite things🙂


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My water balloon of a tummy. ;P

Well hello! I would just like to talk about a few events that have been happening lately… Also that I am sorry for the lack of posts and tweets, we just haven’t gotten around to posting a whole lot, we’ve been kind of lazy. So I apologize for that, and let’s get on with the story, shall we? We shall.😀

Okay, so a few weeks ago, my humans were noticing that my tummy had been getting very big lately… and getting bigger… So they decided to make an appointment with me to the vet. I do not like vet appointments, they are very scary, and I prefer never to go there again. But anyhow, when I went to the vet, they ran a bunch of tests on me, and they said it could have been Cancer, and I had a heart murmur, and it could’ve been a liver problem, and all that scary stuff.:/ So, after my humans spent a bunch of money on tests, the vet told them that it was worms. After all that. They also said that worms are usually on a level of 1 to 4, 4 being the most, and they said that I had a 4 1/2. It was very ’tilly. ;P So they gave me some medicine to take, and I took it for a few weeks, but my tummy didn’t seem to be getting much smaller. In fact, my humans said that it could’ve gotten a little bigger… So I went to the vet again, (and there was this big huge scary dog that could’ve killed me in the waiting room, but I would not be afraid of him, because I could tell him who was boss when I needed to.😉 ) So when I got to the examination room, I had to get my blood drawn, and all this other icky stuff, and they said that the worms had gone away, and I had too much protein in my body or something, (I wasn’t really paying attention, I was kind of zoning out. It was very boring😛 ) So they gave the humans some different medicines, and the humans have to shove these icky pills and stuff down my throat each day, and I really don’t like it, but sometimes I get a treat afterwards so that’s good.😛 Plus, my tummy has been getting better, so that is very good.😀

Sorry if I have been kind of rambling, I just don’t find this health stuff very interesting.😛 But Ce-Ce told me I should tell you guys about this exciting event. So… I did.🙂

Here are some ’tilly pictures of my tummy! ;P

—Libby xoxo🙂

This is not a very flattering angle, but I still look adorable ;)

This is not a very flattering angle, but I still look adorable😉

Doesn't my tummy look 'tilly? ;P

Doesn’t my tummy look ’tilly? ;P

Happy St. Patrick's day, by the way! :D <3

Happy St. Patrick’s day, by the way!😀❤

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My cold outing :D

Well hello!  ;)

I am sorry for the delay, I have been a bit lazy, what with the cold and all. We prefer to cuddle up in blankets than type on this cold keyboard. But I have ventured out of my warm blankets, to tell you about my outing yesterday! And so it begins:

So, I can always tell when the humans are going for a ride… (don’t ask me how, I just can) and of course, if you know anything about me, you know that I LOVE rides.😀 So yesterday when the humans got all bundled up to go for a ride, of course I begged to come with them. And of course they let me, because I am that persuasive.😉 So after putting on my red fleece sweater, complete with a blue bone design, I hopped into the car. Hurray, I was on the road again. But I was not sure where they were going…….

After a car ride of sitting on laps and scavenging for crumbs, the humans pulled into a place with a bunch of cars, and a bunch of people. It was very interesting. But instead of parking, like they normally do, they kept driving, and as they were driving, this big green buggy carriage thing came by, pulled by two, magnificent horses!!!🙂 I loved horses!!! It was my dream to be one of those sleigh-pulling ones, with the little jingly bells. I wonder if I can. I am probably too small. I’ll have to research it. Anyways, the humans drove on and on through rows and rows of trees. I was wondering why we were going into a forest? It made no sense.😛 After a while the humans stopped, and I got very worried, that they might dump me in the forest and leave me!:/ But they got out, and walked around in the forest, examining the trees! I was very confused. It was very cold.

And suddenly, Daddy got out a big saw!!! I could not believe it. What had I done to deserve this??? Alas, was this my fate? How could they? After how nice I’ve been???? So I quickly looked around, and prepared my escape plan. I was just about to jump out of my humans’ arms, when this big tree fell, right next to us! They picked it up (??????) and put it on top of the car! And they put the saw away!!! I was so relieved, yet even more confused, as to why they would put a tree on top of their car!!! :O  Well, they drove through a bunch of machines, and confusing stuff, and then they drove some more and parked the car. They took me out, and showed me, these big, chunky, reindeer. How amazing, I wondered if they were Rudolph’s parents. I had always loved reindeers!!!🙂 Then they put me back in the car. Finally some time for scavenging. And the next thing I knew, we were already home. Suddenly, daddy came into the house, with the big tree, it was all skinny with a net around it. He took off the net, and set up the tree in our living room!!! How odd. They even put little colorful lights on it! I failed to see the point.

Later, Koda told me that it was a Christmas tree, and that they had done the same thing last year, and I should’ve remembered… Oh well, I don’t tend to remember things like that. If there’s not food involved, I don’t generally tend to care as much. ;P

And that was my story, of my cold outing, and the tree on top of the car.🙂

Hope Libby posts soon! I will have to remind her.


Ce-Ce, future sleigh-pulling Papillon🙂

Me in the car, riding to the forest. :)

Me in the car, riding to the forest.🙂

This is the forest that I was talking about!! So many green triangles... :P

This is the forest that I was talking about!! So many green triangles…😛

I wonder which reindeer these are.. I have a feeling the one in the front is Prancer. What an honor to meet them! Their work is so admirable. :D

I wonder which reindeer these are.. I have a feeling the one in the front is Prancer. What an honor to meet them! Their work is so admirable.😀

Well this is a picture of the tree in our house, after they finished hanging stuff on it.... Very festive. :)
Well this is a picture of the tree in our house, after they finished hanging stuff on it…. Very festive.🙂



FALLing down on Posting… (It’s Ce-Ce’s FALLt) ;P

Well hello! Did you notice that the title is very punny? I found it very clever.😉 But anyway, let’s get to the point…

Well, I am extremely apologetic that Ce-Ce hasn’t posted in over 3  months. Because I had assumed, that it was Ce-Ce’s turn to post!!!! Because I distinctly remembered blogging about our photoshoot in May, and it is still Ce-Ce’s fault because she had not told me that she had posted!!! So how would I know that it was my turn to blog?????????? I mean, honestly? In what way is this my fault??? And now this computer is not working, and so if this blog post is in a font from Italy, it is not my fault. It must have been Ce-Ce. Or the stupid Cat. as;dlkjaweoirjar;wldkj😦
Well anyway, how is your Fall going? My Fall has been going pretty good! The weather has been pretty warm, and it is fun to go outside with Ce-Ce and Koda and bask in the sun.🙂
However, there is one problem that has not been to my liking… And that would be that the sissies’ have been playing with this big black and white volleyball, and it is very very huge compared to me. And it is very bouncy, and it rolls, and it could roll into me, and it could fall on top of me, and the sissies’ insist on playing with it, EVEN in the house sometimes.:/ And it is very frightening. 
But I will go back to the part about basking in the sun. One day when we were lazing outside, my sissy human got the camera and took some snapshots. And I will post them, so here they are. :D 
Me and Ce-Ce outside!

Me and Ce-Ce outside!

Me being adorable-er. ;)

Me being adorable🙂

Ce-Ce being adorable :)

Ce-Ce being adorable🙂

A candid shot of me and Celeste :)A candid shot of me and Celeste🙂

Windy days = cute photos :D PS: Don't tell Ce-Ce she's in this one... ;P

Windy days = cute photos😀 PS: Don’t tell Ce-Ce she’s in this one… ;P

Ce-Ce loves grass. (To be honest, I like dirt. Grass is nice too, though)

Ce-Ce loves grass. (To be honest, I like dirt. Grass is nice too, though)

WHAT WHERE WHEN WHO HOW!!???!!!! THis picture is not allowed. *unable to delete please try again* #$%@!!!!

WHAT WHERE WHEN WHO HOW!!???!!!! THis picture is not allowed. *unable to delete please try again* #$%@!!!!

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Johnny the Papillon!!!

Why hello!🙂

Well, do you remember that our humans are running a dog-sitting business? We talked about it in We have a guest in the house!!😛,  Harley the Hyper ;P , and Five-dog Saturday!!!. And so far we have only had 2 customers, (Buttons and Harley) until last Sunday, where we got our third customer!!!! His name was Johnny, and get this, he was a Papillon!!!! He was much younger than us, just 3 years old, and he was very attached to Mommy human, and he would follow her around everywhere, and I felt very left out and jealous. How dare they replace me with this Papillon?????? We did not know how long he was going to stay, but we hoped that he would leave very soon. I growled at him occasionally, but then I sometimes got in trouble with my humans for that.😦 And one time he even got out of his crate by himself (!!!!), while the humans were running errands!!!!! Because apparently Johnny could get out of his crate by pushing the latch open.😡 He got to be outside of his crate with Koda, while I was crammed with Libby inside of our crate!!!!! This would not do.😦 So luckily our humans found out and got the clever idea of twist-tying the crate door shut so he couldn’t get out. How clever is that?!🙂

Johnny stayed for what felt like a very long time, and I was beginning to think that he’d never leave, until finally, his Mommy came for him that Thursday!!! He was very happy to see his Mommy, and I was very glad to see him go; even though he was nice enough as Papillons go, I prefer to not have extra dogs in the house.😛

Me and Libby have been quite happy since, It has been a good summer so far, even though  yesterday, our Mommy (with one of our sissy human’s help) gave us a bath!!!!:/ I do not like baths at all, but I do feel very fluffy, soft, and clean now.🙂

Au revoir!


This is Johnny! Johnny says 'Hi!" Let's all clap for Johnny! Oops, Johnny left! ;^)

This is Johnny! I must admit it is a very cute picture!🙂 (our brother human got a nice camera which I believe Libby will talk about in another post.😀 )

This is Johnny. Johnny says 'Hi.' Let's all clap for Johnny! Oops, Johnny left. ;^)

This is Johnny. Johnny says ‘Hi.’ Let’s all clap for Johnny! Oops, Johnny left. ;^)

Johnny next to our fence. (I must admit his tail is very magnificent)

Johnny next to our fence! (I must admit his tail is very magnificent)


Puppy Photoshoot!

Hello! Happy Spring, it’s me Libby! I just wanted to talk to you about something that happened a while back, which was we were doing a photoshoot with my sissies and their friend!😛

The photoshoot went quite well on my part, I was fairly cooperative, pretty much all we had to do was pose in different bandannas, while the sissie humans snapped photos. The most annoying part of it, was being rearranged and put in position, and having our bandannas taken on and off.:/ And well, when Ce-Ce was getting her photos taken, a lot of the times she would… well, she would kind of.. she wasn’t– it wasn’t too easy to get good photos of her, on account of she didn’t like being so still for so long, and she didn’t like having bandannas around her neck, and other picky stuff like that…😛 (not to brag or anything, but we got a fair few adorable pictures of me, and a fair few retakes of Ce-Ce being uncooperative.) ;P

With that all being said, I will now proceed to show you some of the photos from the photoshoot! Here we go…🙂


Me posing elegantly with my red silky bandanna. :)

Me posing elegantly with my red silky bandanna.🙂

Ce-Ce, you okay there? ;)

Ce-Ce, you okay there?😉

I will wear this bandanna with pride. ;)

I will wear this bandanna with pride.😉

This is a cute one of Ce-Ce!

This is a cute one of Ce-Ce!


Me with a red sparkly snowflake bandanna.🙂

Ce-Ce, you look a little tired, maybe you should take a nap.... ;D

Ce-Ce, you look a little tired, maybe you should take a nap…. ;D

An ADORABLE picture of me, sporting a indigo silky bandanna! :)

An ADORABLE picture of me, sporting a indigo silky bandanna!🙂

This one isn't too bad! ;P

This one isn’t too bad! ;P

Le me, being le precious :D

Le me, being le precious😀

"this is cece liberty do NOT post this picture you better not i will get back on y-"

“this is ce-ce liberty do NOT post this picture you better not i will get back on y-” I’ll take my chances..😉


“Doggie Bath and Body Works!” ;^)

Hello again! I’ve decided to confide in you about something… I have a little secret to tell you. But before I tell you, you have to promise not to tell anyone. Especially not our humans. You got that? Good.😉

Well, sometimes, our humans go shopping, and bring us along. We always like to go for a ride, So here is the secret: When our humans are in a store or in a restaurant, Me and Libby unlock the doors, and slip out, and shop at our desired store nearby. And we return just before our humans get out of the store or restaurant they are in.  Well yesterday just happened to be a day that three of our humans brought us shopping.🙂 They went into a restaurant, (Noodles & Co.) and we quickly snuck into the nearby “Doggie Bath and Body Works”. Of course, only dogs can see this store, it is especially one of my favorites, due to its wonderful supply of doggie perfumes. ;^) This is a list of perfumes that I get, and sometimes Libby uses. (she prefers her natural musk…but unfortunately a lot of people call her stinky…I don’t like to be called stinky, so I wear perfumes!) well anyway, here’s the list:

  • Strawberry cat food (one of my favorites:))
  • Warm dog (I can’t really describe this one, but it’s wonderful)
  • Sensitive (it smells like peaches! Liberty doesn’t touch this one.)
  • Cat food
  • Chocolate🙂
  • Wet dog
  • Fresh air (Liberty likes this one)
  • Lilac bush
  •  Cinnamon (especially good for wintertime…sometimes I combine different perfumes…Cinnamon, Warm dog, and chocolate has a very nice effect:))
  • The beach (haven’t used this one very much…I don’t know why….)
  • Pine tree
  • And many many more. (the store is huge!! :))

Libby likes shopping for scented candles rather than perfumes, but personally I like shopping for nice smells that are always around me. (I keep some perfume in the compartment in my collar. every dog has one, but it’s invisible to humans…) WHY DID I JUST TELL YOU THAT???? DO NOT TELL ANYONE!! THIS IS TOP SECRET BUSINESS!!! I WISH I HADN’T LOST MY ERASER!!!#$~!$^!!!4@!!

Sorry about that…I am very annoyed though…I never should have told you that…I bet Liberty stole my eraser. If I had it, I could have erased that secret that I let slip…but I don’t have it….yet. never mind that though…I put Fresh Air perfume on last night, and I slept in it, so now it’s wearing off a bit, so I should probably put some more on soon.😛 I think Libby is wearing Fresh Air perfume too.🙂

Well, I better be going… I have to go put on some new perfume…Bye!!


This is an adorable pic of me wearing my Sensitive perfume holding my puppy Mr. Squeaky Pants. This picture even made it to Instagram!! :)

This is an adorable pic of me wearing my Sensitive perfume holding my puppy Mr. Squeaky Pants. This picture even made it to Instagram!!🙂


April Showers will hopefully bring May Flowers!

Hello, It’s me Ce-Ce!🙂

I am very upset about this weather. Thank goodness for chicken broth and books to keep me company in the warmness of my crate. Libby does not understand. She does not mind going out in the rainy wetness and getting her paws soaked. (Although she is not too fond of it, but she endures).

However, ironically, I am the dog that is the least scared of thunderstorms. Yes, even Libby gets whiny and shaky hearing thunder and stormy weather. And we won’t even mention Koda, who is extremely storm sensitive and anxious.😛 And sadly, the last couple of days have been both rainy and slightly stormy.😦

So I have kept to my books and my soup (I’m so glad I installed that mini microwave in our crate last Thanksgiving. I knew it would come in handy, especially after my toaster oven broke down last summer.😦 You never know what you can find on Amazon.😉 ) And it has been quite peaceful, but possibly boring, especially when the humans are away.:/ But I am definitely looking forward to Summer!!! I love those days of romping outside and lazing in the sun!😀 So fun now that we have a fence installed, we don’t have to stay on a leash all the time!!!!!!!🙂

So keep your paws crossed for clear skies and warm temperatures in the future days! After all, April showers bring May flowers! (Hopefully that statement is true!)😛


— Celestial Seasons Justice B. the 1st😉

PS: Here are some pictures for you to enjoy! Xx

Me sleeping on the couch. :D

Me sleeping on the couch!😉

Me being frisky and playing with my toys!! =^)

Me being frisky and playing with my toys!! =^)

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Five-dog Saturday!!!


Well, the 8th of March was a very ordinary-ish day. We were just sleeping, just lazing around, when all of a sudden, there was a knock on the door. This was not at all unusual, for we get knocks quite often. So we ran, barking, to the door, and guess who came prancing through the door as if  he owned the house?!  But the very same Harley, that Ce-Ce had mentioned in her blog post a while back: Harley the HyperI was very miffed. Why hadn’t the humans warned us that this big hyper dog was to intrude on my personal space?!?!? :O  I was determined to show him who was boss. So I growled and barked if he came too near, until he started getting slightly scared of me. (Good). And so after a couple of hours of me being extremely put-off, I started to realize that Harley’s owner wasn’t coming back that day.:/

And I was right. had to sleep in my crate with Ce-Ce that night while Harley got to roam around the whole living room, barking occasionally. Now, do not get me wrong. Harley is not a mean dog. He is just very hyper and large, compared to me.

When I woke up the day after, (Saturday, the 9th) I was quite content, I had almost forgotten that Harley was there, and I was starting to get used to his company. I thought, Oh, I can deal with this for a couple more days. And I was just dozing off right after romping around outside, when presently, there came another knock on the door. I thought, Oh yay!!! I must have been wrong about Harley having to stay for so long. But alas, it was not Harley’s humans. It was…………….. *drum roll please* DUN. DUN. DUN.

Another human. Carrying another dog. I recognized this dog. It was none other than Buttons the Yorkie, from my previous blog post: We have a guest in the house!!😛 

I was stunned. Never before since I have moved in with my current humans did we have five dogs in the house at once. NEVER. This was NOT acceptable. This was my territory. Not theirs. How long were these dogs going to stay??????

To tell you the truth, Buttons only stayed till Sunday the 10th. Good. But Harley stayed until very late on Monday the 11th. And by the time he bounded out the door, I was getting quite tired of stranger dogs in the house. And luckily we have not had any since. Yay!


This is Harley.. He would not cooperate for a picture. But sissy managed to get this semi-nice one. ;P

This is Harley.. He would not cooperate for a picture. But sissy managed to get this semi-nice one. ;P

This is a very nice picture of Buttons sleeping on our sissies' chair. :D

This is a very nice picture of Buttons sleeping on our sissies’ chair.😀


Happy News, and a Startling Realization!


Now, you’re probably expecting something more exciting than this, but I just wanted to share with you, that on Sunday, February 16th, it was our 1 year Anniversary for our blog! We have officially blogged 50 times, in this past year! (not counting this post, of course)😀

And, on my first post: ‘My first walk in a while‘, it explains about how I had gotten a new harness after I chewed the other one through, and it showed a picture of me wearing it. And I just happened to notice that there was grass and leaves on the ground, in that picture!!!!! Now, you may wonder what was so exciting about grass and leaves; well, the exciting thing is, that I took that picture on February 16th last year, and today, February 20th, there is about half a foot of cold, wet, frequently falling snow on the ground! :O I think I prefer the grass and leaves, don’t you??? I am getting kind of tired of the cold weather, and I am looking forward to Spring very much.🙂

Happy belated Valentine’s day! And stay tuned for tomorrow’s Throwback Thursday!!!

—Ce-Ce xxx🙂

Me in the snow, with my homemade sweater. :D

Me in the snow, with my homemade sweater.😀

Libby plodding through the snow. (we have matching sweaters!) :)

Libby plodding through the snow. (we have matching sweaters!)🙂

Me and Koda staring at the sparkling snow. :)

Me and Koda staring at the sparkling snow.🙂